49th Annual Lakeside Rodeo

Hello Everyone! I recently had the pleasure of attending the 49th Annual Lakeside Rodeo which was held April 19th – 21st. I have been attending the Lakeside Rodeo for years and was honored to participate this year as the 2013 Teen Miss Rodeo California. Lakeside Rodeo has four performances and is presented by the El Capitan Stadium Association. The association donates over $100,000 annually to local organizations. The Lakeside Rodeo is one of the many fundraisers they have each year.

On Saturday, April 20th I rode in the Lakeside Western Days parade! The parade route crossed over the freeway, making it quite exciting, especially with all the horn honking! I was presented with a plaque and letter of special recognition from the State of California Senate for my participation in the community. Needless to say, my horse and I are happy to have been a part of the celebration.