Clovis Rodeo

I could never say enough great things about the Clovis Rodeo and the people that are involved with it. My journey began in Clovis three years ago when I was running for Miss Clovis Rodeo 2008. It is difficult to go back to Clovis year after year without thinking about the AMAZING Eva Pollard. She was an awesome woman and I am so grateful to have known her. She was so special to all the young ladies involved with the program -she would’ve been so proud of all the young ladies that have since been in and out of the Clovis rodeo arena.

I made it up to Clovis on Wednesday night, turning my usual six hour drive into almost eight because of all the rain I encountered along the way. Thursday morning started bright and early with 5:00am media interviews at the rodeo grounds for the Central California Blood Center. The Clovis Rodeo hosts the largest single day blood drive in the country and this year they broke the record they set the year before with over 1,200 pints of blood.  This is just another example why the Clovis community is so GREAT!!!!! After spending the day at the blood drive, I was feeling a bit tired, so Brenda and I loaded up in my truck and went to Starbucks (you know me and my Starbucks!) to get a much needed boost of energy.  They have a STRAIGHT drive-thru – did I mention I was pulling my trailer?  Went right through the drive-thru, trailer and all!!!  Thursday night was spent greeting bull riding fans and watching the PBR!!!  Friday morning my day started off with the queen committee, queen contestants and the 2009 Clovis queen, Brittany Slaton and a stretch hummer limo.  We went to the Veterans Hospital and visited and thanked the patients for their service for our country. After the hospital, we went to Weldon Elementary to talk to the kids about rodeo and to remind them that the 96th annual Clovis Rodeo was in town!!!!!!!  I spend most of my time traveling up and down the highways of California and sometimes my truck decides not to work properly. I had a headlight out, so while I was busy with promoting the Clovis Rodeo, Brenda was able to take my truck to Hedrick’s Chevrolet – even though I drive a Dodge. They were able to fix it and get me back on the road safely!!!!!! Thank you so much Carol!!!!

I missed the queens coronation on Saturday but a HUGE congratulations to Samantha Lozano who was crowned Miss Clovis Rodeo 2010.  All the girls did a wonderful job and are great representatives for their respective towns. I arrived back in Clovis Saturday night to a wonderful meal filled with LOTS of garlic bread at the house of Lynn and Brenda Armstrong and wonderful friends Terrie Valdero and Ashley Hoffmann!!!!! It was nice to catch up with some really special friends!!!!! Sunday morning I somehow talked Brenda and Ashley into coming and watching slack with me since my brother Marcus was roping! The special kids rodeo was held before the rodeo performance and we had a great turn out of contestants coming and helping the children live their dream of becoming cowboys and cowgirls. Once again, another successful weekend in Clovis. I thank all of for being so great and making me feel a part of the Clovis community family!!!!!

God Bless,