Norco Mounted Posse PRCA Rodeo 2013

Hi Everyone!

On Saturday, August 24th I attended the Norco Mounted Posse Rodeo. I was happy to finally be at a rodeo with Miss Rodeo California, Dakota Skellenger! I have fond memories of this rodeo because I was a part of a queen seminar in 2009, put on by Megan Ridley and Ashley Hoffmann, held during this rodeo. That was a great experience seeing first hand the back of the rodeo and that was before I had even won a queen title! Anyways, Norco was exciting for me because a lot of champion contestants were there, such as Tuf Cooper and Luke Branquinho! I also had a great time pushing cattle for the tie down roping event with Dakota and Miss Norco Mounted Posse. Overall, I had a great time at this rodeo. The committee, and the stock contractors at Diamond G Rodeos Inc. were very inviting to myself and the other queens. Thank you so much for letting me participate this year!


Teen Miss Rodeo California 2013

Bridgette LaHaye