Springville Sierra Rodeo

I spent Easter weekend in what has to be one of the most beautiful places in our state, Springville. I arrived on Friday afternoon and quickly fell in love with the beautiful mountains, warm weather and hospitable community. That night was the barrels and bulls competition. This is a special event highlighting some of rodeo’s favorite events but it does have a twist. Not only do spectators get to watch cowboys and cowgirls compete but they end the night with motocross. Motorcycle riders, quad riders and even golf cart drivers tried their luck at running a barrel pattern. Some were dare devils and we saw a few good wrecks and others chickened out and made a very clean (slow) run. It was a pretty fun and exciting night. I was able to mc the queen coronation which took place after the barrels and bulls event. Congratulations to Elizabeth Brown the 2011 Miss Springville Sierra Prorodeo Queen, Taylor Brown the Springville Sierra Rodeo Junior Queen and Emily Baeze the Springville Sierra Rodeo Princess.

On Saturday we started off the day with the parade. It was down a small country road and the town greeted us with lots of cheers and happy faces. We had a long break in between so I was able to hangout with an old friend, Sofia Fisher. That night we rode in the grand entry, helped Riata Ranch Cowboygirls and signed autographs. On Sunday I woke up and went to Cowboy Church. It was great to spend Easter Sunday singing songs and in great company. It was a great rodeo and I was so happy to see some old friends and make new ones. Thank you to Leah Herron and Cindy Dabney, Diane Shew and the entire Springville committee for having me!