Wine Country Rodeo and Farmers Day!

In July I was able to head up to the rodeo that allowed me to compete for the title of MRC! I was welcomed by the always wonderful fair board and committee, along with Don Jesser and the Four Star Rodeo. Sonoma County came out loud and proud to support the cowboys as they competed in the Chris Beck Arena! I was also lucky enough to be kissed by a seal which was very exciting!!  The next day I was included in the annual farmers day, where I helped Miss Wine Country Rodeo Jackie Strand do the grand entry with children from the crowd on stick horses! This event is always a crowd pleaser and the kids got to show off their riding skills. I helped throughout the day with the pig scramble, mutton busting, and other events. The most thrilling part of the day was participating in the hide race! I was pulled across the arena floor on a piece of leather at full out speed!! I am proud to say that I won the hide race and was rewarded with being covered in dirt! I truly had a great time at this rodeo!! IMG_0726 IMG_0730  IMG_0785IMG_0789